Dragon Golf Grip - DragonSkin - Calm Dragonskin  rib golf grips
Dragon Golf Grip - DragonSkin - Calm Dragonskin
Dragon Golf Grip - DragonSkin - Calm Dragonskin
Dragon Golf Grip - DragonSkin - Calm Dragonskin
Dragon Golf Grip - DragonSkin - Calm Dragonskin
DragonSkin Calm Standard Golf Grip
DragonSkin Calm Standard Golf Grip">

Calm Dragonskin (Standard) Golf Grip [Green Cap]

Calm Dragonskin (Standard) Golf Grip, specially crafted using elastomer TPC. Our innovative design and technology ensure a soft and comfortable grip, while retaining superior stability and enhanced feel.

Ideal for golfers of all skill levels, this grip guarantees optimal control and a trustworthy hold. Enhance your playing experience with the Calm Dragonskin Grip, available in two sizes to suit your individual preferences.

$17.99 USD
$17.99 USD

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Color: BLACK
Core: 58 Rib
Subtotal: $17.99

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Spec Detail
Brand Calm DragonSkin Standard
Material Elastomer TPC
Weight 48g +/-1g
Length 10.68" (271.5mm)
Size M58, M60
Color Black (Dragon Soul),
Navy (Azure Dragon)
Performance All Weather

High Flexibility and Durability:

Crafted from Elastomer TPC, Dragon Golf grips offer long-lasting performance. This material is highly flexible and durable, reducing wear over time.

Superior Golf Grip Stability:

The non-slip nature of Elastomer TPC ensures that players can hold the golf club more securely, contributing to improved stroke accuracy and stability.

Comfortable Feel:

The soft texture of TPC material offers a comfortable grip, minimizing hand fatigue and enhancing player performance.

Resistance to Moisture:

Elastomer TPC is resistant to rain and sweat, ensuring that the golf grip's performance is maintained even in wet conditions.

Temperature Stability:

This material is less affected by temperature changes, providing consistent performance in various weather conditions.

Round versus Ribbed

Ribbed Grips: A ribbed grip has a small ridge running along the bottom. This ridge provides tactile feedback, helping golfers ensure consistent hand placement. It's especially useful for maintaining proper grip alignment throughout your swing.

Round Grips: Round grips lack this ridge, offering a uniform shape. They allow for versatile hand positioning, catering to golfers who prefer flexibility in their grip.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dragon Golf Green Cap grip

One range session and I am a believer. Put this grip on practice wedge. Will be adding to gamers.

Great Distinctive Feel



Awesome grips.

Best grip I’ve played

Changed from golf pride CP2 Pro I’ve been using for the while. I won’t be able to go back. The feel and the grip DS provide is next level/best in class.

Great grips

I am a bit of a nut when it comes to grips, swap out grips real often. I use compressed air, so I swap out at least once a month. These were so good I popped them off and put them back on the traditional way, so they’re staying for a while

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