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Rusty Estes: Crafting Precision on the Green

11 Nov 2023

In the discerning world of golf, the art of creating something exceptional requires a dedication to meticulous craftsmanship—a principle that Rusty Estes, one of the founders of Dragon Golf, personifies. Esteemed for his masterful skills, Rusty has dedicated over twenty years on tour to meticulously fitting and building for golfers around the world. His profound knowledge and hands-on experience serve as the cornerstone of Dragon Golf's innovative designs, which have been rigorously tested and validated in the most competitive environments.

The Dragon Skin Golf Grip stands as a testament to this rich legacy. It isn't just a product; it's a pinnacle of precision engineering designed to meet the high-performance standards of the world's leading PGA professionals. What sets it apart is its remarkable scale-like texture, strategically designed to provide improved grip stability and precise orientation for both the lead and trail hands. The result is a tangible enhancement in control and consistency.

The grip's innovative texture isn't merely for aesthetic appeal—it's a functional marvel, engineered to offer a tactile advantage that can be felt with every drive, chip, and putt. Its ergonomic design ensures that players can maintain a steady hold, even under the pressure of high-stakes tournaments, thereby instilling confidence right at the tee.

Rusty Estes, known affectionately within the golf community as @r.stamp.on.tour, is not resting on the laurels of past successes. Instead, he is deeply immersed in the creative process, leveraging his extensive experience to explore new design frontiers. His vision is to continually elevate the game by introducing grips that not only perform exceptionally but also inspire players to achieve their best on the course.

At Dragon Golf, our pledge is to deliver excellence with each product we craft. With Rusty at the helm, guiding our design philosophy and inspiring our quest for innovation, we ensure that every swing taken with a Dragon Skin Golf Grip is backed by an unmatched legacy of expertise. Our commitment is unwavering: to provide golfers with the tools they need to excel, and to infuse their game with the precision that only Dragon Golf can deliver.

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