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Fire Dragon Golf Grip
Fire Dragon Golf Grip
Fire Dragon Golf Grip
Fire Dragon Golf Grip
DragonSkin Fire Firm
DragonSkin Fire Firm ">

Fire Dragonskin (Firm) Golf Grip [Red Cap]

Fire Dragonskin Firm, the go-to golf grip for LPGA and PGA players.

Engineered with tacky TPE and our unique technology, experience a strong, proper golf grip while maintaining grip stability and enhanced feel.

It's not just about grip; it's about mastering your game.


$17.99 USD
$17.99 USD

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Color: BLACK
Core: 58 Rib
Subtotal: $17.99

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Spec Detail
Brand Fire DragonSkin Firm
Weight 48g +/-1g
Length 10.68" (271.5mm)
Size M58, M60
Color Black (Dragon Soul),
Navy (Azure Dragon)
Performance All Weather

Superior Firmness:

Tacky TPE material provides a firmer golf grip, crucial for players seeking enhanced control over their swings.

Tackiness for Grip Stability:

The inherently tacky nature of TPE ensures a stable golf grip, making it easier to hold onto the golf club during powerful swings.

Comfort Without Compromise:

While offering a firm golf grip, tacky TPE also ensures a comfortable hand-feel, reducing hand fatigue during extended play.

Resistance to Moisture:

The material's resistance to rain and sweat ensures consistent grip performance even in wet conditions.


Tacky TPE is known for its long-lasting characteristics, ensuring that the grip will maintain its superior qualities even after extensive use.

Round versus Ribbed

Ribbed Grips: A ribbed grip has a small ridge running along the bottom. This ridge provides tactile feedback, helping golfers ensure consistent hand placement. It's especially useful for maintaining proper grip alignment throughout your swing.

Round Grips: Round grips lack this ridge, offering a uniform shape. They allow for versatile hand positioning, catering to golfers who prefer flexibility in their grip.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

One range session and I am a believer.

Very pleased!

I am very impressed with the tackiness and feel of the grips.

I want more!

I bought NAVY / 60 Round. I wanna finish my set with all the grips. I needed about 8 more!

Best grips I ever used.

Hey I received my goll grips and they are awesome thank you. Best grips I ever used. I had to do a few wraps to get them bigger but all around great grips.

Love them!

This is my 2nd time purchasing- I have now replaced all my old grips and love how the Dragon Grips feel and perform. I’ve recommended to all my playing partners!

PGA Player
PGA Tour
Ryuji Imada
LPGA Player

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